TextureStone is a water-based, modified polymer, mixed with recyclable materials. This unique product is designed for interior and exterior applications as a non-slip/decorative coating for floors, decks, and walls. TextureStone adheres well to wide range of substrates including: concrete, wood, metal, foam, drywall, arborite, laminates and vinyl. Application of TextureStone is fast and efficient, using a low pressure sprayer. TextureStone provides excellent weather protection, 100% UV stability and water resistance. A wide range of surface finishes are available including: non-slip flooring/decking, textured walls, simulated stucco, and faux brick/tile.

Primary Applications
  • Non-Slip Flooring
  • Decorative Flooring
  • Decorative Coatings
  • Coating for ICF and foam insulation
  • Wall Coatings — Interior/Exterior
  • Decks, Walkways, Patios
  • EIFS (Exterior Wall Insulation Finishing System)
Key Advantages
  • Green Building Technology — Made from Recyclables and Renewable resources
  • Efficient to apply using a low pressure sprayer
  • Available in Various Surface Finish Textures
  • Wide Range of Colors
  • Excellent Adhesion to a Wide Range of Substrates
  • 100% UV Stable
  • Water Resistant and Breathable
  • Superior Wear Characteristics
  • No VOC's
  • Low Odor
  • Meets USDA, FDA and CFIA Requirements for use in Regulated Food Facilities
  • Not Regulated per USDOT Shipping Regulations
  • Packaged in Convenient Pre-Measured Kits
  • Low Maintenance
  • LEED Compliant

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